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  • One Simple Switch to Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

    January 20, 2022

    With Pharma Hygiene Products

    Why Stainless Steel?

    Making the simple switch from plastic and other materials to stainless steel enables many benefits for your manufacturing. Browse the Pharma Hygiene Products range here >>>

    • Longer usage life: More economical for your production. Stainless steel is known for its strong corrosion-resistant properties. 316L grade stainless steel contains 2% molybdenum, for an even longer.
    • The highest possible level of hygiene: Stainless steel can be sterilized with alcohol-based disinfectants, and can be used in industrial dishwashers/autoclaves without damaging the surfaces which will touch your consumable products.
    • Better for the environment: Stainless steel is one of the most environmentally efficient raw materials, because of its durability and ability to be recycled. Vessels last an extremely long time, and even once their service life is over, they should never enter the waste stream.

    Browse the full range:

    93% of Pharma Hygiene Products’ portfolio is available off-the-shelf for you to receive within a matter of days…

    Storage Containers & Vessels

    Storage & Transportation: Choose from 304 or 316L grade stainless steel and a range of modifications guaranteed to meet every requirement

    Mixing & Blending Containers & Vessels

    Mixing & Blending: A wide range of mixing containers to meet your product characteristics, bespoke and custom solutions also available

    Measuring & Pouring Jugs & Beakers

    Measuring & Pouring: High quality stainless steel equipment to assist with every stage of your production

    Hygienic Utensils

    Hygienic Utensils: Switch our your plastic funnels, scoops, whisks and ladles for durable, high quality stainless steel

    Email info@adelphi.uk.com to reduce your plastic consumption today by discussing the sustainable and durable solutions available to your industry

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