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  • The top solution for temperature-sensitive ingredients

    February 14, 2022

    From high melting point waxes to high viscosity pastes, working with temperature-sensitive ingredients is often a significant pain-point.

    Precise melting points of key ingredients are labour-intensive to reach and maintain manually. It is also very difficult to repeat this process consistently.

    3 ways Water Jacketed Vessels can improve your production:

    The top solution for temperature-sensitive ingredients
    Pharma Hygiene Products’ Water Jacketed Vessels are a 3-in-1 solution, enabling cost-effective heating, cooling AND maintaining of product temperature in just one vessel…


    To heat solid ingredients such as wax, so they can be blended into a formulation. In cosmetics manufacturing, waxes are used as structuring or thickening agents, wear-enhancing agents and SPF boosters – especially in products such as hand creams, lipsticks, sunscreens, mascaras and foundations.

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    To accelerate dispersion of active ingredients, by bringing the base solution up to temperature significantly quicker than can be achieved manually. This includes manufacturing nutritional supplements, where the base solution must be warmed to enable powdered vitamins and minerals to fully blend.

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    Lip Balm


    For products which mix at a higher temperature than they fill; to quickly get the mixture down to the correct filling temperature, so that no time is wasted waiting for it to cool. This includes dermatological creams and especially in the Dairy industry, as jacketed vessels can be paired with a chiller to quickly chill cream products to 2-3°C

    Dermatological Cream


    Precise temperature control prevents sugar crystallization and discolouration for manufacturers of medicated confectionery and sauces.

    Insulated mobile vessels are essential for transferring temperature-sensitive products between formulation and filling stations, to ensure that the hygienic temperature is maintained above where bacteria can begin to develop.

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    Mixing & Blending Vessels for Medicated Confectionery manufacturers

    3 Major Benefits for Your Business:

    1. Quicker than heating or cooling manually, and automated temperature setting leaves a production operative free to make improvements elsewhere.
    2. Cost-effective: heating, cooling and maintaining temperature can be accomplished using the same vessel, simply by changing the temperature of the infeed water.
    3. Insulated vessels can be supplied with a mobile frame, so that your production team can easily transfer the vessel between production and cleaning stations.

    Comprehensive support from one single supplier:

    Did you know that other Adelphi Group companies can assist you with:

    Heated Filling

    A Water Jacketed hopper and jacketed filling head surround for the Response Benchtop Filler keep products at a consistent temperature as they travel through the machine. This prevents clotting, crystalisation and coagulation.

    Heated Response


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