Cleanroom and Laboratory Products

Storage Mixing and Transport Equipment

PHP range of cleanroom storage, mixing and transport products include churns, vessels, drums, cans, buckets, bowls, trays and containers.

Storage, Mixing and Transport group


PHP seals are designed to work in conjunction with toggle clamps to create an airtight seal to our mixing storage and transport range.

Seals group

Measuring and Pouring Equipment

PHP range of stainless steel cleanroom measuring and pouring equipment includes jugs, beakers, funnels and strainers.

Cleanroom measuring and pouring equipment

Stainless Steel Utensils

PHP range of stainless steel cleanroom utensils includes whisks, spatulas, scrapers, ladles and scoops.

Cleanroom and laboratory utensils

We are constantly developing our product range if you have any suggestions we’d be happy to hear them.