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stainless steel drum produced for Mettler KA15 Balance

Keeping Drums at Arms Length

8th December 2014

We recently developed a light weight drum for use with Mettler KA15 balance. The drums needed to be as light as possible as they were to be used at arms length ... [MORE]

Tri-clamp ferrule end image

Tri-Clamp Ferrule End Sizing

19th May 2014

Ferrule end sizes are an area we receive the most questions about. To answer these questions we have prepared a simple 'Tri Clamp Ferrule End Size Chart' in pdf format to help explain [DOWNLOAD]

Help with Tri-Clamp Sizing

4th April 2014

Many feel confused when choosing the right size of Tri-clamp Fittings, and if you are one of them don't worry, you are not alone! Even experienced engineers make mistakes! ... [MORE]

cleanroom process equipment

Gasket or Seal - Which to Choose?

28th February 2014

Confused as to the difference between gaskets and seals. Put simply, a gasket is placed in between two static objects and compressed to prevent leakage. A seals, on the other hand, may also be used in dynamic applications where there is relative... [MORE]

Introduction to Stainless Steel

16th August 2013

When choosing a material for the manufacture of products and equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry stainless steel is the predominant safe choice, combining aesthetic qualities and proven resistance to most hostile... [MORE]

Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistance

20th January 2012

Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance depends on the temperature and composition of the material as well as the chemical composition of the product in contact with it... [MORE]

Pharma survey


12th April 2011

The first of a series of research-based papers designed to add value to the industry.  The concept will be expanded over time to provide an on-going source of increasingly authoritative information... [MORE]