Product and Service Survey

Posted: 12th April 2011

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PHP service and product survey


This ‘snapshot’ of the purchasing practices of the pharmaceutical industry was taken in March 2011.

It is the first of a series of research-based papers designed to add value to the industry. The concept will be expanded over time to provide an on-going source of increasingly authoritative information.

If you have any comments or requests for particular subject areas to be included in future snapshots we would be delighted to hear from you!

Summary of key findings

Sourcing fully certified pharmaceutical equipment is a challenge! Businesses that are accustomed to the process or that have developed relationships with trusted suppliers have overcome the issues involved.

But, in cases where the process has not become routine, identifying appropriate suppliers and ensuring that products are fully certified represent significant problems.

This factor has a very significant impact on attitudes to product sourcing. Maintaining multiple sources of supply is, conventionally, an important part of purchasing best practice. It reduces the risk of over dependency on a single supplier.

Businesses that have overcome these procurement challenges adhere to conventional purchasing best practice and favour multiple sources of supply. However, in cases where sourcing remains a problem the benefits of having access to a specialist and trusted single source of supply outweigh the potential risks.

The evidence indicates that the industry needs greater access to specialist suppliers of certified equipment who are able to make the sourcing of certified equipment dependable, reliable and straightforward.