Stainless Steel Tri-clamp Butterfly Valve

Manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel, PHP Tri-clamp Plain Butterfly Valve incliudes a lockable open or close handle and four bolts to dismantle for easy cleaning.

tri-clamp butterfly valve
tri-clamp butterfly valve

Diagram and Table Key:
(a) Outside pipe diameter (b) Overall length (c) Overall depth

Part no (EPDM) a (inch) b (mm) c (mm) Flange (mm)
BF42900100 1 55.5 79 50.5
BF42900112 59.5 85 50.5
BF42900200 2 61.5 105 64
BF42960212 61.5 112 77.5
BF42960300 3 62.5 125 91
BF42900400 4 65.5 157 119

Part no (Silicone) a (inch) b (mm) c (mm)
BF42900100-SS 1 55.5 79
BF42900112-SS 59.5 85
BF42900200-SS 2 61.5 105
BF42960212-SS 61.5 112
BF42960300-SS 3 62.5 125
BF42900400-SS 4 65.5 157

Other sizes and materials are available on request

In this table add an 'S' at the end of the part number if Silicone gasket is required with the valve, 'V' if Viton® is required or 'E' if EPDM is required. All dimensions shown are a guide only and may vary.

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