Stainless Steel Tri-clamp Clamps

Tri-clamp Heavy Duty Clamps

Manufactured 316L grade stainless steel PHP Tri-clamp clamps are available with double hinge for heavy duty. They are designed to hold the ferrule ends firmly together to create a leak-tight seal and are polished throughout.

Part no Size (inches)
CL1703012 ½
CL1703012 ¾
CL1703100 1
CL1703200 2
CL1703300 3
CL1703400 4
stainless steel tri-clamp clamps

Other sizes and materials are available on request

316L double hinge stainless steel single-bolt clamps are supplied as standard. Additional sizes or styles of clamp available on request.

All dimensions shown are a guide only and may vary.

Products may vary slightly from those shown.

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