Cleanroom Storage,
Mixing and Transport

Our stainless steel cleanroom storage, mixing and transport
range includes churns, vessels, buckets,
bowls, cans, containers, trays and drum dollies

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'O' Ring Seals

Our 'O' ring seals are designed to work in conjunction
with toggle clamps to create a spill proof and
airtight seal to our mixing and storage drums,
cans with lids and pails.

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Cleanroom Measuring
and Pouring

Our range of stainless steel cleanroom measuring and pouring
equipment includes jugs, beakers, funnels and strainers.

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Cleanroom Utensils

Our range of stainless steel cleanroom utensils including
whisks, spatulas, scrapers and scoops are widely
used in the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical

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stainless steel vessels Stainless Steel Cans with Lids stainless steel buckets and pails

Cleanroom and Laboratory Supplies and Process Equipment

Pharma Hygiene Products provides confidence and reliability to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies by offering certified quality products which meets your needs and helps to make production processes run effectively and efficiently.

We offer a wide range of cleanroom products used in drug manufacture to the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries. As specialists, we understand the challenges in pharmaceutical manufacturing and appreciate the importance of GMP compliance. All PHP products are therefore produced from FDA approved materials and supplied with appropriate certification.

Our aim is to make the sourcing of cleanroom supplies dependable reliable and straightforward.

cleanroom supplies and product knowledge

Specialist Knowledge

Our experienced support team have the specialist knowledge to help you source the products you need.

certified stainless steel products

Quality Guarantee

All our 304 and 316L grade stainless steel cleanroom products are certified and conform to the highest FDA standards

We are here to help you find the right technical solution to meet your requirements. Contact us today and see how PHP can help you source the Cleanroom Supplies you need. We are constantly reviewing and growing our range, If you have any suggestions we’d be glad to hear them.