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    Durable process equipment for the Chemical & Agrochemical industries

  • All solutions in the Pharma Hygiene Products portfolio are manufactured from 316L and 304 grade stainless steel – which can withstand aggressive chemicals and avoid degradation – to provide higher ROI from your process equipment.

    ATEX certified options are available for most of our equipment, should this be required, and we also offer a range of Polypropylene Vessels for products which cannot come into contact with stainless steel.


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    From bespoke equipment design to pharmaceutical material certification; our expert technical team are here to help, wherever you are in the world.

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    A comprehensive collection of supportive media and documents, together with technical information relating to our products and our ISO certificates

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    Mixing & Blending Vessels for Chemical Products

    Whether you need just one chemical mixing vessel or enough to serve a whole factory, Pharma Hygiene Products’ experienced technical team – with over 70 years’ in the industry – are available to assist you.

    We offer both custom and bespoke options, with quality assured by our ISO 9001:2015 compliant standards and processes.

  • Chemical Industry Agitators, Emulsifiers, Mixers and Blenders

    Based on your chemical mixing application, required result and batch size, our team can assist you by designing a complete system. From the vessel capacity to the mixer style, we will tailor suggestions to precisely meet your mixing specifications.

  • Why Stainless Steel?
    The benefits for Chemical industry manufacturers

    • 316L stainless steel contains 2% molybdenum, to help resist corrosion, particularly from chlorides.
    • More durable means greater useage potential and a longer service life, for higher return on your investment.
    • Stainless steel can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants, and is suitable for use in industrial dishwashers, to prevent cross-contamination between your products.

    Pharma Hygiene Products’ Industrial Stainless Steel Chemical Mixers

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