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    Drinks Mixer

    Stylish, robust and hygienic drinks mixers, ideal for coffee shops, cafes, diners and restaurants.

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    Drinks Beakers

    Stylish, retro stainless steel beakers, ideal for milkshakes, as seen in Ed's Easy Diners nationwide

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    Measuring Jugs

    A range of high quality measuring jugs available in 304 and 316L grade hygienic stainless steel

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    A range of stainless steel bowls available in 304 grade, ideal for pharmaceutical and food industry use

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    A range of stainless steel trays available in hygienic 304 and 316L grade material, ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, production environments and the catering industry

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    Buckets & Pails

    A range of high quality, durable stainless steel buckets and pails, available in 304 and 316L food and pharmaceutical grade material

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    Containers with Lids

    A range of hygienic stainless steel containers with optional lids, available in 304 grade material

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    Hygienic, durable stainless steel scoops, available in 304 or 316L grade material, and in various sizes and styles

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    A range of stainless steel ladles available in 304 grade material, ideal for food manufacturing and catering applications

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    Whisks, Spatulas & Scrapers

    A range of stainless steel whisks, spatulas and scrapers - available in 304 and 316L grade material - ideal for pharmaceutical or food applications

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    Funnels & Strainers

    The range includes funnels, strainers, and funnels with fixed built-in strainers, in hygienic 304 grade stainless steel.

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    Our Products

    Commercial Restaurant Equipment

    At Pharma Hygiene, we offer products suited for the restaurant & catering equipment. Contact Pharma Hygiene today to work with trusted catering equipment suppliers.

    The Benefit of  Using Pharma Hygiene’s Restaurant Equipment

    By using Pharma Hygiene’s commercial restaurant equipment, you are using ISO 9001 certified equipment that meets all of the necessary regulations. Find out more by contacting our expert team today.



  • “Extremely friendly and accommodating team who went above and beyond expectations to deliver a high quality end product. Also visited their manufacturing facility which was of a very high standard. Will definitely work with [them] in the future. ”

    - Brian Barry – Technopath

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    - Ben Birrell

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