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    With a team of experienced Designers and Engineers, coupled with our network of specialist suppliers and in-house Welders and Fitters, Pharma Hygiene Products is able to undertake bespoke product development that perfectly meets your individual specifications.

    Our bespoke development solutions suit every client’s budget, with our trademark attitude of excellence that extends across our full range of products and beyond. Each customer requirement is individual, and at Pharma Hygiene Products they are treated as such.

    Take advantage of our 70+ years’ experience; we can advise the most cost-effective solution for your business.

    Custom Mixing Vessels

    Customised Mixers, Blenders & Stirrers

    Adapting one of our off-the-shelf vessels can often be a cost-effective option. Some of our most popular bespoke product development options include:

    • Add toggle clamps and seals to keep your vessels airtight and prevent product contamination. All seals are FDA approved and available in Nitrile, Viton® and Silicone.
    • Bespoke development etching enables batch traceability.
    • Mobile frames make transportation from production to cleaning easier and safer for your team.

    You can browse our complete list of modification choices here >>>

  • Pharma Hygiene Products Mixing, Blending & Stirring Vessels:

    What are the different types of Mixing Vessels?

    1. Single Wall Skin Mixing Vessels – from 5L to 2,500L. Fast, efficient mixing, for products which do not require additional heating or cooling jackets. (LEFT: one of our largest and smallest vessel projects to date!)
    2. Water Jacketed Mixing Vessels – from 0.3L upwards. Ideal for products which require heating, cooling or maintaining a consistent temperature during the mixing process.
    3. ATEX Certified Mixing Vessels – from 25L to 400L. CAT IIB 2DGc T4 (135 degrees Celsius) equipment, with an Air Motor Mixer suitable for use in category 2 & 3 areas (Zone 1 & Zone 2). For vapour mixtures with ignition energy of either A or B, and with auto-ignition temperatures suitable for 135 degrees Celsius or higher.
    4. Low Pressure Mixing Vessels – solutions up to 25L. The types of pressure vessel we offer are:
      – Vessel with internal pressure
      – Vessel with internal vacuum pressure
      – Pressurised heating or cooling jacket (with liquid in the jacket, with no pressure in the vessel)
      – Pressurised vessel with pressurised liquid heating jacket
    5. Polypropylene Mixing Vessels – for products which cannot come into contact with stainless steel.

    What are the Key Benefits of Automated Mixing Vessels?

    • Faster mixing than can be achieved manually, for higher revenue potential.
    • A more consistent mix, for higher product yield from the same constituent ingredients, and a higher quality customer experience of your products.
    • Automating the mixing process frees up operators to improve productivity elsewhere.

    What are the Key Benefits of Water Jacketed Mixing Vessels?

    • Heating accelerates dispersion of active ingredients, by bringing the base solution up to temperature significantly quicker than can be achieved manually. This includes manufacturing nutritional supplements, where the base solution must be warmed to enable powdered vitamins and minerals to fully blend. Read our case study about nutritional supplements manufacturing here >>>
    • Also, to heat solid ingredients such as wax, so they can be blended into a formulation. In cosmetics manufacturing, waxes are used as structuring or thickening agents, wear-enhancing agents and SPF boosters – especially in products such as hand creams, lipsticks, sunscreens, mascaras and foundations. Read our case study about dermatological cream manufacturing here >>>
    • Cooling is required for products which mix at a higher temperature than they fill; to quickly get the mixture down to the correct filling temperature, so that no time is wasted waiting for it to cool. Especially in the Dairy industry, as jacketed vessels can be paired with a chiller to quickly chill cream products to 2-3°C.
    • Precise temperature control – maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the mixing process – prevents sugar crystallization and discolouration, for example, for manufacturers of confectionery. Read our case study about medicated confectionery manufacturing here >>>
  • Mixing Vessels for Small Batches

    Our smaller vessels are ideal for space-restricted sites, as well as for small batch applications such as R&D, clinical trials and product feasibility studies. They can be fixed or mobile to suit your processes, and can include hygienic Tri-Clamp outlets for decanting, as well as other modifications to suit your precise requirements.

    Contact us to discuss Mixing Vessels for Small Batches >>>

  • Mixing Vessels for Large Batches

    For full-scale and industrial scale production, including mixing oils and waters to form emulsions, as well as mixing mobile liquids and free-dissolving powders.

    A recent solution included a 2,500L working capacity Jacketed Mixing Vessel, for nutritional supplements manufacturer Nelsons Spatone. A sensor shuts-off product collection once just over 2,000L is fed into the vessel, and a stirrer maintains the even dispersion of ingredients throughout the whole collection process.

    Read the full case study here >>>

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