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    Regulatory compliant equipment and great customer service make the difference for Cannabinoid manufacturer GW Pharma

  • GW Pharmaceuticals believes passionately in the potential therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant and firmly believes that cannabis-based medicines have potential to improve the lives of patients and families.

    Over the past two decades, they have established extensive experience in researching, developing and delivering medicines, undertaking pioneering work to unlock the medical benefit of cannabis through rigorous scientific investigation, extensive clinical trials and regulatory approvals. GW Pharmaceuticals’ products include:

    Sativex – an oral spay used as treatment for those experiencing moderate to severe spasticity as a result of MS

    Epidyolex – a cannabidiol oral solution for use as an adjunctive therapy of seizures associated with LGS or DS

    Process development engineering manager Ayo Ajani discusses GW Pharma’s relationship with Pharma Hygiene Products and the important benefits of stainless steel equipment….

  • A Long-Standing Relationship

    Pharma Hygiene Products (PHP) has been on GW’s approved supplier’s list for many years, “long before I joined the company” says Ayo. “The most important thing to us as a pharmaceutical manufacturer is the exceptional average surface finish of <0.4µm. 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel meets all our requirements.”

    GW Pharma utilise a variety of products from the proven PHP portfolio, including…

    • Cans with lids – graduated, toggle clamps and FDA approved silicone seals for am airtight finish
    • Scrapers
    • Vessels from 30L up to 150L
    • Bespoke equipment
  • Why choose Stainless Steel equipment?

    • 316L is a superior grade of stainless steel, which contains an additional 2% molybdenum, for improved corrosion resistance.
    • Full material traceability certification available, to ensure audit compliance.
    • Modifications are available to meet your every need
    • Durable, easy to sterilize and re-usable
    • Can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants, are also compatible with industrial autoclaves and dishwashers without compromising surface finish

    The Verdict:

    Quick delivery times, high quality equipment and great customer service is always delivered with Pharma Hygiene Products orders.

    Ayo describes purchasing process as going “very well from my point of view,” saying “I would recommend PHP to another industry contact.”

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