• NHS Princess Royal Hospital

    Pharma Hygiene Products has been a trusted NHS supplier for over a decade. Princess Royal Hospital uses large bowls and kidney dishes in their operating theatres.

  • Quicker Lead Times

    • 100ml – 14L bowls are available as standard; off-the-shelf, for quick delivery.
    • The average time from the NHS making payment to receiving the items, is 3-4 working days.

    More Reliable Quality

    Due to the heavily regulated nature of this industry, it is critical for the NHS that they receive only the materials that are specified. X-Ray and Surface Finish Analysis is conducted to verify the material composition and the stainless steel surface smoothness, with certification supplied to guarantee peace of mind.

    The average surface roughness finish of the PHP range is an exceptional 0.4 micrometers Ra.


    Fully Compliant with Industry Regulations

    • The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the critical role sanitation plays in everyone’s daily lives; nowhere more so than hospitals. 304 and 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel are durable, easy to sterilize and re-useable. Stainless steel can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants, and can be used in the NHS’ industrial dishwasher/autoclaves.
    • TSE certification guarantees that no animal fats have been used in the polishing process. This is vital to guarantee that no transfer of BSE or CJD virus elements occurs.

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