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  • Bespoke Solutions; What’s your production challenge?

    March 21, 2022

    Pharma Hygiene Products specialise in designing bespoke solutions for customers in the food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, ranging from 5L up to 2,500L.


    A bespoke mixing success story:

    Nelsons Spatone are an internationally recognised manufacturer of natural health products. They approached Pharma Hygiene Products when their existing 2,500L vessel could no longer keep up to their increasing demand.

    A second 2,500L vessel was purchased to collect cold, iron rich waters from Trefriw Wells Spa overnight. A built-in sensor detects when just over 2,000L is collected and automatically shuts off the collection, so that the process can run automatically even without an operator running 24/7.

    While the water is collected, it is warmed by a heated water jacket surrounding the container and a stirrer keeps the water moving to maintain the temperature. Once the water has been warmed, the vessel is then used to mix in a variety of fruit flavourings before draining via an outlet.


    The Verdict:

    Investing in 316L grade stainless steel vessels is a cost-effective solution for Nelsons, as 316L grade contains 2% molybdenum, to help resist corrosion and wear; these vessels will be fully operational for years to come. 316L grade also guarantees impeccable levels of hygiene for ingestible products. The surface-roughness finish of the vessels is an exceptional 0.4 micrometers RA, this high level finishing is fully compliant with hygiene regulations, giving security that bacteria will not be stored, and also allows the most thorough cleaning with alcohol-based disinfectants in the cleaning process. This means that Nelsons are free from the risk of potentially costly batch recalls.

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