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  • Pressure Vessels for Manufacturing Creams: Answering your most Frequently Asked Questions

    May 24, 2022

    Over 80% of women and over 60% of men will use a pharmaceutical or cosmetic cream product every single day*.  This is a major reason why, by 2025, the global skincare market is estimated to be worth an astonishing $189.3 billion!

    Pressure Vessels are essential in the manufacturing of cream products, throughout both of these key industries.

    Pharma Hygiene Products‘ experienced technical department are delighted to share with you a concise guide for your team, including the most frequently asked questions they face every day…


    Pressure Vessels for Manufacturing Skincare Creams

    Q – What is a Pressure Vessel?

    A – “A mixing or formulation vessel that can withstand higher than atmospheric pressure. We ensure that the vessels are absolutely safe to operate, to prevent implosion or explosion. Pressure can be caused by:

    • Fumes generated by the product itself.
    • Inert gasses, which some customers pump into their mixing process, to protect their product from being compromised by exposure to oxygen.
    • Customers also often use pressure to evacuate their vessel.”


    Q – How is a Pressure Vessel Different from Other Pharma Hygiene Products

    A – “Water Jackets are most commonly where pressure gets introduced. Each Jacket must be reinforced according to specialist engineering calculations, to ensure it will be able to withstand the pressure generated by the product. Jackets are most often reinforced, for example, with additional banding and dished vessel bases to prevent implosion or explosion.”


    Q – What Types of Pressure Vessel does Pharma Hygiene Products Offer?

    A – Vessel with internal pressure
        – Vessel with internal vacuum pressure
        – Pressurised heating and/or cooling jacket
        – Pressurised vessel with pressurised liquid heating jacket

    “We are always available to support your team in recommending the best solution, to perfectly suit your customers’ requirements.”


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