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  • Pharma Hygiene Products Shortlisted for Innovation Award at Made in the South East 2023

    November 14, 2023

    Pharma Hygiene Products’ IBC Mixer Earns Prestigious Nomination at the Made in the South East Awards 2023



    Reflecting their commitment to innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Pharma Hygiene Products has achieved recognition at the Made in the South East Awards 2023. The company’s latest release, the IBC Mixer, has been shortlisted in the prestigious Innovation category, highlighting its significant impact within the industry. This nomination underscores Pharma Hygiene Products’ commitment to advancing pharmaceutical hygiene standards and fostering cutting-edge solutions.


    The Made in the South East Awards:

    The Made in the South East Awards, an esteemed annual event, celebrates excellence and innovation across various industries in the South East region. The event recognizes outstanding achievements in manufacturing, showcasing companies that contribute to the region’s economic growth and technological advancement. The Innovation category specifically honours companies that have demonstrated forward-thinking and revolutionary solutions within their respective sectors.


    Pharma Hygiene Products’ IBC Mixer:

    Improving safety when mixing at scale – the new IBC mixer from Pharma Hygiene Products has been designed by our internal R&D team for mixing liquid to liquid, oil to oil, and free dissolving powder into a liquid; as well as keeping products in a mixed state during storage. It includes forklift handle openings to reduce heavy lifting for operators, and has a kill-switch toggle clamp for additional safety.

    The mixer has been designed specifically for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), and has a 150mm screw cap as well as a metal outer frame.

    The IBC mixer is manufactured from durable 304 grade stainless steel with the addition of 316L pharmaceutical grade wetted parts, to guarantee no product contamination.


    There are two key innovations in this new mixer:


    1. The forklift enabling structure – designed to let a forklift make easy lifting of the mixer on and off of IBC – is better for safety and the operators’ wellbeing.
    2. The safety kill switch – adding this to the toggle clamps is a key innovation in operator safety. It ensures no accidental contact with a moving mixer by an operator, and no accidental spray of product if the mixer is dislodged for any reason – particularly useful when mixing hazardous recipes.

    A further benefit is less waste through accidental spray or spills: Pharma Hygiene Products is investing in people through our innovation, for improved safety outcomes, as well as working to reduce product and therefore financial waste for our customers.

    Overall, Pharma Hygiene Products’ IBC Mixer streamlines manufacturing processes for our customers, reducing the need for time-consuming transfers between containers. This not only saves valuable production time, but also minimizes product loss and contamination risks. Additionally, the IBC Mixer promotes consistency in product quality, ensuring that each batch meets stringent standards for our customers. Furthermore, the ease of handling and transportation of IBC’s simplifies logistics, reducing overall operational costs and environmental impact for our customers.  The IBC Mixer therefore enhances productivity, quality control and cost-efficiency for our customers, making it a valuable asset in modern manufacturing logistics.


    Pharma Hygiene Products’ Commitment to Excellence:

    The nomination of Pharma Hygiene Products in the Innovation category at the Made in the South East Awards 2023 reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical manufacturing. By addressing crucial challenges in hygiene and efficiency, Pharma Hygiene Products continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry.


    Pharma Hygiene Products’ IBC Mixer has rightfully earned its place among the most innovative solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as evidenced by its nomination at the Made in the South East Awards 2023. This recognition not only highlights the company’s dedication to excellence but also positions them as a driving force in advancing pharmaceutical hygiene standards. As the awards ceremony approaches, the industry eagerly awaits the announcement of winners, anticipating the positive impact the IBC Mixer will undoubtedly have on the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.


    Author: Rachel Birrell-Gray, Marketing Manager – Pharma Hygiene Products

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