• AAK BD Foods

    Hygienic temperature controlled mixing and storage solutions

  • The Challenge:

    To keep sauces and condiments at the correct temperature whilst they are being mixed, and then transferred between mixing and filling.

  • The Solution:

    Durable & Hygienic Vessels in 316L Stainless Steel

    AAK BD Foods utilise Pharma Hygiene Products’ 400L jacketed vessels to maintain a hygienic product temperature throughout all stages of production, ensuring that bacteria cannot affect their products.

    The vessels’ 316L – pharmaceutical grade – stainless steel construction ensures superior resistance against damage, deterioration or corrosion, which would compromise AAK BD Foods’ products. This high grade material also guarantees a longer service life for the equipment, which equates to a significantly higher return on investment.

    Mobile frames were added for ease of transportation, and to improve operator safety and comfort.

    A Positive Environmental Statement

    Stainless steel is a more hygienic, durable and environmentally friendly option than plastic vessels, which compliments the ethical considerations at the heart of AAK BD Foods’ practice. Making stainless steel takes around 6-15MJ (1665 to 4170 watt-hours) of energy, whereas making plastics takes on average 62-108MJ (17200 to 31950 watt-hours).

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