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  • Stainless Steel Process Equipment; Your Price Freeze Promise

    April 27, 2022

    30 Day Price Freeze

    As you may already be aware, the price of stainless steel is continuing to rise; driven by a number of global market factors.

    Whilst a knock-on effect is impossible to avoid, Pharma Hygiene Products has committed to holding prices for 30 days (Valid until 20th May 2022) – providing our customers with the opportunity to stock up on equipment, in the most cost-effective way the situation allows.

    Take advantage of our 30 Day Price Freeze Today – Equipment available off-the-shelf, for prompt order fulfilment:

    Price Freeze - Vessels

    Storage & Transportation Equipment:
    The price increase affects:
    Storage & Transportation VesselsWater Jacketed VesselsCans with LidsChurnsBuckets and Pails

    A wide range of optional modifications are available to meet your every need:
    –  Bespoke etching for batch traceability
    –  Toggle clamps and seals (FDA approved) to make
    containers airtight, and more…


    Price Freeze - Measuring Jugs

    Measuring & Pouring Equipment:
    The price increase affects:
    Measuring Jugs & Heavy Duty Scoops

    Durable, easy to sterilize and re-useable; choose from 304 or 316L (pharma grade) stainless steel.


    Price Freeze - Hospital Equipment

    Hospital & Healthcare Equipment:
    The price increase affects:
    Trays & Heavy Duty Scoops

    Exceptional average surface finish, just 0.4 micrometers Ra, leaves no pits or crevices for bacteria to collect.


    As of 20th May, pricing will increase by 12%.

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