• Tri-Clamp Heavy Duty Clamps

  • International Cleanroom Quality

    For even the most demanding environments in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Chemical industries


    Key Benefits:

    • Durable, easy to sterilise and re-useable, for long service life and greater ROI.
    • High level finishing - to an exceptional average surface finish of 0.4 micrometers Ra - leaves no pits or crevices for bacteria to store.
    • Full material traceability for international pharma-quality compliance: Material Grade & Surface Finish certification available upon request.
    • Available off-the-shelf for immediate dispatch.


    Product Information:

    • 0.5 inch - 4 inch clamps available as standard.
    • Supplied with a double hinge for heavy duty use.
    • 316L grade stainless steel, contains 2% molybdenum to help resist corrosion from chlorides.
    • Can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants, and in industrial dishwashers/autoclaves.
    • Useage: designed to hold Ferrule Ends firmly together to create a leak-tight seal.
  • Tri-Clamp Heavy Duty Clamp
  • Available from Stock (subject to availability)

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  • Pricing:

    Product No. Description Material Price
    CL1703012 0.5" & 0.75" Heavy Duty Clamp 316L SS £15
    CL1703100 1" & 1.5" Heavy Duty Clamp 316L SS £16
    CL1703200 2" Heavy Duty Clamp 316L SS £18
    CL1703212 2.5" Heavy Duty Clamp 316L SS £21
    CL1703300 3" Heavy Duty Clamp 316L SS £21
    CL1703400 4" Heavy Duty Clamp 316L SS £30

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    How Do You Size A Tri Clamp?


    Sizing a tri clamp is quite easy, simply measure the outside diameter of the pipe. A common misconception is that the outside diameter of the flange end is thought to be the size of the tri clamp, but this is not true. 

    What Are Tri Clamps Used For?


    Tri clamps are most used in brewing, food & beverage & pharmaceutical applications to secure 3-piece fittings. 

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