• Whisks, Spatulas & Scrapers

  • International Cleanroom Quality

    For even the most demanding environments in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Chemical industries


    Key Benefits:

    • Available off-the-shelf for immediate dispatch.
    • Durable, easy to sterilise and re-useable, for long service life and greater ROI.
    • High level finishing - to an exceptional average surface finish of 0.4 micrometers Ra - leaves no pits or crevices for bacteria to store.
    • Full material traceability for international pharma-quality compliance: Material Grade & Surface Finish certification available upon request.


    Product Information:

    • 304 or 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel.
    • Whisks 300 - 400 mm long, spatulas 100 - 300mm length of blade, available as standard.
    • Choose from medium or heavy duty designs.
  • Hygienic stainless steel whisks, spatulas & scrapers
  • Available from Stock (subject to availability)

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  • Pricing:

    Product No. Description Material Price
    WHI4300P 300mm (12") Medium Duty Whisk (DOS - please contact our team for remaining availability) 304 SS £12.10
    SSP4010P 10" Stainless Steel-Handled Spatula (DOS - please contact our team for remaining availability) 304 SS £106.80
    SCR6000P Heavy Duty Scraper 316L SS £145.00

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    What Are The Different Types Of Whisks?


    Here are some of the most common types of whisks used in commercial kitchens. Each whisk has its own individual shape and unique configuration designed to effectively beat and blend ingredients together. 


    Piano / Balloon Whisks 


    Piano Whisks typically feature a bulbous end. These whips are considered a multi-purpose or everyday whisk. These whisks are commonly used for ingrediencies such as whipped cream, eggs and meringue.  


    French Whisks  


    French Whisks have thick wires and a thinner frame, they are commonly used for pancakes, custards, and batters.  


    Kettle Whisks 


    Kettle whisks have a cage-like ball at the end as well as a long handle. These whisks are used for mixing ingredients together in deep kettles or stock pots, making them ideal for soups and sources.  


    Flat Whisks  


    Flat Whisks have looped whites in a flattened balloon shape, these are ideal for shallow pans. The flat wires are optimal for allowing ingrediencies to be scraped from the bottom of the pan, efficiently combining the mixture. 


    A few things flat whisks can be used for gravy, sauces, roux or got removing poached eggs from water.  


    Spiral Whisks 


    Spiral whisks are made of a singular wire loop wrapped in tight coils. This whisk is meant to be always in contact of the bottom of the pan during the mixing process. Allowing the whisk to catch all the ingrediencies. 

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