Stainless Steel Drums

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Ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear, cosmetic, food and other hygienic industries, PHP Stainless Steel Drums provide a versatile and environmentally safe storage and transportation system.

PHP Open Top Drums are particularly suited to high value products where integrity of construction is key. Full material traceability documentation can be provided if required.

Open Top Drums Key features:
  • Available in 304 and 316L Stainless Steel
  • Drum Sizes from 10 ltr (2.6 Gallon) to
    400 ltr (105.7 Gallon)
  • Wall thicknesses of 1.2mm or 1.5 mm
  • Crevice and pit free hygienic construction
  • Brushed finish as standard (other polished and mill finishes also available)
  • UN Certified where required
  • GMP compliant design
  • Clampbands can be secured or tab-sealed for identification and tamper evidence
  • Lids and clamp band assemblies are simple to use
  • 'O' ring lid seals fit snugly but are easily removed for cleaning or sterilization
  • Straight sided or swaged as required
  • Long service life
stainless steel open top drums

stainless steel drum diagram
Stainless steel clampband with quick release (other options available)
Stainless steel 'O' ring type lid
'O' ring lid seal (various materials available)
Fully welded GMP correct solid bar rim
(Pressed top curl also available)
Optional body swages, for use with mechanical handling systems. Positioned to suit your application
Fully welded construction throughout
(various polished & mill finishes available)
Stacking type base

Drum diagram and table key: (a) Internal diameter (b) Internal depth

Open Top Drums Range:

Our standard range of drums are available in the sizes shown in the table below. Other sizes are available for large quantities and our sales team will be happy to provide prices to your exact requirements.

Capacity   Part No a(mm) b(mm)   Part No


Part No   Part No
10 ltr   DRU*10 218 330   DLI*10   DSE*10   DCL410
25 ltr   DRU*25 305 400   DLI*25   DSE*25   DCL425
50 ltr   DRU*50 400 450   DLI*50   DSE*50   DCL450
100 ltr   DRU*100 457 750   DLI*100   DSE*100   DCL4100
150 ltr   DRU*150 560 670   DLI*150   DSE*150   DCL4150
200 ltr   DRU*200 560 895   DLI*200   DSE*200   DCL4200
300 ltr   DRU*300 750 750   DLI*300   DSE*300   DCL4300
400 ltr   DRU*400 750 1000   DLI*400   DSE*400   DCL4400

How to build the stainless steel drum part number
  1. Choose the drum part number for the capacity and dimensions you require
  2. Replace the '*' with '4' if 304 grade stainless steel is required or '6' for 316L
  3. At the end of the part number add a 'P' if a pressed neck is required or 'S' for a solid neck
  4. After this add '1.2' for a drum wall thickness of 1.2mm or '1.5' for a thickness of 1.5mm


To order 100 ltr solid neck 316L stainless steel drums, with a 1.5mm wall thickness, the part number would be constructed as follows:

For Drum Lids, simply apply step 2 from the steps above to the Drum Lid code

For Drum Seals replace the '*' with an 'E' for EPDM material, 'S' for Silicone or 'V' for Viton

If you require your Drum to include swages to aid with mechanical handling systems please ask for this when making your enquiry.

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