• High Shear Mixer

  • International Cleanroom Quality

    For even the most demanding environments in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Chemical industries


    Key Benefits of a High Shear Mixer:

    • Ideal for mixing water-to-oil, to form a light emulsion.
    • 304 grade stainless steel, with 316L pharmaceutical grade wetted parts, to guarantee no product contamination.
    • Durable, easy to sterilise and re-useable, for long service life and greater ROI.
    • High level finishing - to an exceptional average surface finish of 0.4 micrometers Ra - leaves no pits or crevices for bacteria to store.
    • Full material traceability for international pharma-quality compliance: Material Grade, Surface Finish & TSE certification available upon request.


    Product Information:

    • As standard, this unit operates at 2,900rpm.
    • Suitable for products with a viscosity up to 2,000cP (mPas).
    • Batch sizes from 20L to 100L (dependent on viscosity).
    • 1 kW (up to 200L batch size at 1 cP) or 2.2 kW (up to 300L batch size) mixer options, dependent on batch size and viscosity.
    • Standard time from placing an order to receiving the mixer is just 8 weeks.
    • Options:
      - Variable speed
      - 3 phase or single phase
      - 1.1kW
      - Motor shroud
    • Can be supplied with wheels for mobility.


    Pharma Hygiene Products also offers a Propeller Mixer, for mixing liquid-to-liquid, oil-to-oil, and free dissolving powder into liquid.

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  • Pricing:

    Product No. Description Material Price
    CSP031-401 Mobile Stand with 1.1 KW High Shear Mixer 304 SS £9555
    CSP031-*01 Mobile Stand with 2.2 KW High Shear Mixer 304 SS £10395

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    What is a High Shear Mixer?

    A High Shear Mixer is made up of two main components; a rotor and a stator. The high speed rotor is a close fit to the stator, which essentially ‘chops’ the different products together at very small particulate level.

    The stator has openings, where the ‘chopped’ product is thrown out: it sucks product up from the bottom of the mixing vessel and throws it at high speed out of the openings.

    Generally, High Shear Mixers are required when mixing emulsions of oil and water, which would otherwise naturally separate. The high shear mixer ‘chops’ them together into a stable emulsion.

    Difficult-to-mix powders into liquids can also be achieved using a High Shear Mixer; for example if they tend to form clumps. Once it forms a clump in the mix then it is very difficult to get it back again! A High Shear Mixer will achieve an extremely fine mix of this type of product.

    Contact our experienced technical team today, to discuss your mixing requirements.

    What Does A High Shear Mixer Do?


    A high shear mixer is used to create emulsions, granular products, and suspensions. It is used widely in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to emulsify, homogenize and decrease particle size.  

    What Is An Example Of A High Shear Mixer?


    One type of high shear mixer is a batch mixer. Batch high shear mixers can process high volumes in a short period of time. 

    How Long Do High Shear Mixers Last?


    High shear mixers can have a useful life of up to 10 years. Once you reach this mark, it’s expected to see the debasement of powder, especially with delicate powders. 

    What Is High Shear Blending?


    High shear blending is a technique that thoroughly combines solid, gas or liquid matter that cannot be mixed using normal blending/mixing methods. 

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