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  • How to Choose Your Ideal Mixing Solution

    September 6, 2022

    Pharma Hygiene Products manufactures industry leading mixing and blending automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, to enable customers to increase productivity.

    This article explains the types of Mixing Vessels which are available in the marketplace, to help you choose the solution best suited to your application. If you would like to speak to an expert, you can contact the Pharma Hygiene Products team here >>>



    What is a Water Jacketed Mixing Vessel?

    Designed to heat and/or cool products, Water Jacketed Vessels have a jacket of water surrounding the mixing vessel which can be heated to temperatures of up to 65°C. In the pharmaceutical industry, these are ideal for manufacturing products where ingredients only activate at higher temperatures. Water Jacketed Vessels are also advised for food and beverage manufacturers with products being filled and sealed at 85°C or above, to pasteurize, as well as for cosmetics and personal care industry customers using wax-based ingredients (including in balms, creams and lipsticks).

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    What is an ATEX Mixing Vessel?

    If you are mixing products with high-ethanol or alcohol content, then you will require an ATEX certified mixing solution. This prevents any static build up and therefore removes the chance of sparks and explosions. To achieve ATEX certification, ATEX mixing vessels are manufactured for use without electrics. Instead we opt for an air motor and speed is controlled with a pressure regulator.

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    What is a Pressurised Mixing Vessel?

    Ideal for use with small batches, Pressure Vessels are designed to withstand higher than atmospheric pressure – for example, when pressure is caused by fumes from the product, or inert gasses being used to prevent oxygen exposure.

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    What is a High Shear Mixer?

    There are two components to High Shear Mixers; a stator and a rotor.  The rotor’s job is to ‘cut up’ different products together so they are at a very small particulate level. The stator sucks up products from the bottom of the mixing vessel and sends it out the top at high speeds through openings. In the personal care industry, these are widely used to manufacture dermatological creams, whilst food manufacturers use High Shear Mixers to create smooth sauces and condiments.

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    What is a Propeller Mixer?

    A Propeller Mixing Vessel simply has a propeller, typically three-blade or four-blade, which rotates to mix products. The propeller is mounted to the vessel at a slight angle and slightly off-centre for the best mixing results. Propeller Mixers are ideal for mixing water for injection with free-dissolving powders, to create products such as shampoos, conditioners, edible oils and sauces with particulates.

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    What is a Gate Stirrer?

    Gate Stirrers are ideal for slowly stirring medium to high viscosity products, including creams and thick sauces. Central propellers enable thorough mixing, and the design can also include pivoted wall scrapers for products that are susceptible to burning/adhering to the vessel wall.

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    What is a Polypropylene Mixing Vessel?

    A Polypropylene Mixing Vessel is used to mix products which cannot come into contact with stainless steel. This includes diagnostics and other products with a high chloride content.

    Find out more about Polypropylene Mixing Vessels >>>


    For a free, no obligation consultation to discuss automating and/or optimising your mixing processes, or if you would like to receive further information about any of the mixers mentioned in this article, contact info@pharmahygieneproducts.com or phone the team today on
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