Stainless Steel Tri-clamp Straight Pipe

Manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel, PHP Tri-clamp Straight Pipes have crevice and pit free interiors and are polished throughout.

Tri-clamp straight pipe  
Diagram & Table Key
a. Outside pipe diameter
b. Overall length
tri-clamp straight pipe
Part no a (inch) Lengths
STR60.5-*** ½ All lengths
STR60.75-*** ¾ All lengths
STR61-*** 1 Up to 1.3m
STR-61-*** 1 Above 1.3m – 1.7m
STR-61-*** 1 Above 1.7m – 2.2m
STR61.5-*** Up to 1.3m
STR61.5-*** Above 1.3m – 1.7m
STR61.5-*** Above 1.7m – 2.2m
STR62-*** 2 Up to 1.3m
STR62-*** 2 Above 1.3m – 1.7m
STR62-*** 2 Above 1.7m – 2.2m
STR62.5-*** All lengths
STR63-*** 3 All lengths
STR64-*** 4 All lengths

Other sizes and materials are available on request

Notes: All dimensions shown are a guide only and may vary. Also available unwelded, call for details.

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